House of Slack goes to Stitch'n'Pitch Night, July 28 2005

"I'm sorry, Gil, but since you obviously can't pitch anymore, it's time for you to sit down and stitch."

My god, it's full of yarn.

It's Crochet Hookout Landing!

This is, indeed, a new kind of topspin to debut at Safeco Field.

Heh heh, the seventh inning stitch.

I don't mean to knit-pick, but the colours of that yarn don't quite match the Mariners logo.

Yay! Stitch'n'Pitch!

I knew Ichiro was crafty, but this is ridiculous.

Willie Bloomquilt!

The new guy. Welcome to Seattle, dude.

A section full of knitters. Crazy, huh?

More of our group.

@ Deanna Rubin 2005