to the tune of "Belle", from Beauty and the Beast
Lyrics by Deanna Rubin.

This is the second installment in "Mariners! The Musical", a work in progress. I've tried to differentiate talking and singing by having spoken words be in italics... this one is kind of a tough one to represent visually.

(It is pre-game at Safeco Field. Jennifer, ballgirl for the Mariners, walks out of the dugout at a gleaming, lovely Seattle evening sky, and sings:)

[Ballgirl:]    Little park
               After batting practice
               Every game
               Eighty-one in all
               Little park
               Full of guys in black shirts
               Walking up to say:
[Umpires:]     Play ball!
               Play ball!
               Play ball! Play ball! Play ball!

[Ballgirl:]    There goes the batboy with his chair, like always
               The pitchers walk out to the pen.
               Every evening just the same
               Since the season's first home game
               In this wet Northwestern town
[Hargrove:]    Good evening, Jen!
[Ballgirl:]    Yo, chief.
[Hargrove:]    Where are you off to?
[Ballgirl:]    The third-base line. I traded off with Tara tonight because 
               I'm sunburnt and wanted to be in the shade until after the fifth --
[Hargrove:]    That's nice. Hey Shawn! Got the rosin bag?  Hurry up!

(The players on the opposing team watch her walk by their dugout.)

[Players:]     Look, there she goes, that girl is hot, no question
               She's just as cute as she is tall
               But she never gives us time
              'Cause she's sitting down the line
               Always making sure she's there to field the ball.

(We zoom over to some fans down arriving at their seats by the third base line.)

[Man I:]       We're here!
[Woman I:]     Great seats!
[Man I:]       I thought you'd like them.

[Man II:]      Hey, dude.
[Man I:]       What up?
[Man II:]      Is this your wife?
[Man I:]       (nods)

[Little Girl:] (leans forward screaming) I want a ball!
[Little Boy:]  (shoves) Hey, I was here first!

[Ballgirl:]    (sighs) I love my job and my northwestern life...

(She walks to the back of the dugout.)

[Ground crew:] Hey babe.
[Ballgirl:]    Yo Mike. I've come to borrow a hat.
[Ground crew:] Sunburned already?
[Ballgirl:]    Yeah, I worked that Angels game on Sunday. Ugh, it
               was like eighty degrees out. You got any sunscreen?
[Ground crew:] Ha Ha! No, the batboys stole it all.
[Ballgirl:]    That's all right. I'll borrow . . . . . this hat!
[Ground crew:] That one? But it's falling apart!
[Ballgirl:]    Well, it's my favorite! It's the hat Jamie Moyer was
               wearing when he pitched during Opening Day... I figure
               it'll be good luck for him if I wear it tonight, too.
[Ground crew:] Well, if you like it that much, it's yours!
[Ballgirl:]    Holy crap!
[Ground crew:] I insist.
[Ballgirl:]    Well, thank you. Thank you very much!

(We zoom back to the fans sitting along the third base line, watching the ballgirl take her post as the game starts)

[Fans:]        Look, there she goes, that girl is so athletic
               I wonder, does she ever fall?
               With our eyes fixed on the plate
               A low grounder we'll await
               We can only hope to beat her to the ball.

[Ballgirl:]    Oh, what an awesome feeling
               It's my favorite spot to watch and see
               Here's Ichiro, he's stealing
               But he doesn't make it there until they call strike three!

[Old woman:]   Now it's no wonder that the M's aren't winning
               They're just the worst that I recall
[Old man:]     So we sit and pray to God
               For some luck to find this squad
               We'd be happy if they got on base
[Fans:]        Yes, happy for a home run chase
               Yes, we'd be happy if they hit the ball!

(It's now the 7th inning, and a mound conference ensues as Bryan Price, pitching coach, comes out to talk to pitcher Jamie Moyer, and catcher Pat Borders also walks to the mound.)

[Moyer:]       Hey, old man.
[BP:]          Who the heck are you calling old, geezer?
[Moyer:]       You're a year older than me... ah, hell, what's up?
[BP:]          Chief's got a message for you -- "Just throw strikes, son."
[Moyer:]       Haha, easy for him to say. My arm feels like bacon.
[BP:]          Hey, I like bacon.
[Borders:]     Me too.
[Moyer:]       I really wish he'd come up with a new slogan.
[BP:]          How about "Smoke 'em inside"?
[Borders:]     I don't call fastballs with Methuselah on the mountain, you know that.
[BP:]          What, afraid of osteoporosis shattering your wrist?
[Moyer:] (to Borders) Hey, who the heck are YOU calling old, geezer?
[Borders:] (to BP) Who the heck are *YOU* calling old, geezer?
[Umpire:]      Oh, will you all break it up and go back to the old folks' home already?
[BP, Borders, Moyer:] (to Umpire) Who the heck YOU calling old, whitey?

(The game resumes with Moyer holding the ball.)

[Moyer:]       Right from the moment that I started pitching
               I never thought I'd make the Hall
               But today's the day, you see
               My 200th victory
               If those bullpen guys don't fuck up with the ball.

(Moyer walks the next batter and the manager, Mike Hargrove, motions to the bullpen for Ron Villone to come in and pitch.  The press reporters all go crazy.)

[Press:]       Look here he comes
               Isn't he mighty?
               It's Ron Villone
               Oh see, such grace!
               Please hold the phone
               I'm so excited!
               He's our new bullpen's wild but lefty ace!

(Ronnie the bear arrives, and everyone starts singing...)

[Villone:]     Yo guys!
[Moyer:]       Oh, well (leaves)
[Price:]       Hey Ron
[Sexson:]      What up?
[Borders:]     You call that fast?
[Hargrove:]    You ready, kid?
[Villone:]     Of course
[Beltre:]      What pitch?
[Villone:]     Let's go!
[Borders:]     First curves.
[Villone:]     My fastball's hot!
[Hargrove:]    Just throw them strikes!
[Bloomquist:]  Hey guys!
[Sexson:]      Shut up.
[Borders:]     Calm down.
[Villone:]     Let's go!
[Umpire:]      Your time is up, now!

[Ballgirl:]    If Ronnie loses it would be a shame!
[Villone:]     Just watch, I'm here to make us win the game!

(It's now the 9th inning, with two outs, and the ball is popped foul.  The third baseman, Adrian Beltre, runs to try to get it...)

[Fans:]        Look, there it goes, that hit was high but angled
               It's hard to tell where it will fall
               But if Beltre makes the play
               He will surely save the day
               Because everybody wants to catch
               The fans, the fielders, the whole batch
               We really, really want to catch...
               That ball!

(The ball lands in Beltre's hands, and everyone goes home happy.)